“I started with Nick when I thought I knew it all and boy was I wrong!”

The proof is in the results and I saw more results with Nick than I did on my own in 4 years. Super accommodating while keeping you focused on the goals you set with him. I compete in Men’s Physique and he gets just as excited about it as I do, if not more. His constant motivation is exactly what I needed and will continue to use because he learns from my growth and will continue to find the best way to help me improve.

Emory Britt

The Long Haul Fitness Program


“Since I’ve started Nick’s program, I have noticed a huge spike in my strength and better definition”

Before I met Nick I was in a plateau with my fitness, I was not able to lose weight or gain any muscle definition. Having Nick in my corner has pushed me to be the best I can be at the gym. He has gotten my girlfriend and I to jump back into our health kick. I highly recommend going with Nick if you are a beginner at the gym or even have been a college athlete such as I.

Chris Garcia

The Long Haul Fitness Program


“Nick has sparked an energy within me to strive to be my greatest and to push my hardest in the gym”

“He is motivating and knowledgeable on fitness and health. I have full faith in the program and Nick as my trainer. My strength is increasing each day and my energy levels are at an all time high. I am so glad I chose to complete this program and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!”

Madisyn Epps, RN, BSN

The Long Haul Fitness Program

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