Crazy to think that just in a weeks time, our whole lives have been completely flipped on top of their heads. We’re all scrambling to figure out what is going to happen and how to keep living our lives while everything slowly shuts down around us. Maybe you were just getting into a good routine with your health and fitness, maybe you were in the best shape of your life and now you don’t know how to keep that from going away, or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Whatever your scenario, don’t lose hope, you can still keep in good shape during this time away from the gym.


I want to start with nutrition because I feel this is where most people are going to struggle. Most of us have a harder time not snacking and making bad choices when were at our homes for a long period of time and it’s so much easier to grab some junk and sit in front of the TV all day when there’s not much else to do. I know this is the case because I find myself in that exact scenario currently. Currently, I work with a nutritionist and I have been so on point with my diet up until this last week and everything has immediately fallen apart. I’m not one to buy junk, but somehow it always just seems to find me. It becomes so easy to talk yourself out of eating your already prepared meal and grabbing that snack food or something not on plan.

Unfortunately, with this situation, there is no tip or trick I can give to stop this. It all comes down to discipline and consistency just like always. I’ve definitely let this slip and I’m really trying to get it back. The best reminder I can think of in a time like this, is that you are what you eat. By eating processed garbage, you body will slowly become garbage itself. Poor diet can certainly lower immunity and with all focus being on stopping the spread of this virus, it becomes our duty to keep ourselves as healthy as we can in times like this


I’m sure your favorite fitness influencer has been putting out tons of at home workouts and by this point, I’m guessing you’ve started to get creative with what you have around the house. Most people at this time do not have access to lots of weight or equipment, and if you do have an at home gym, consider yourself lucky. The article I posted just the other day has lots of different exercises that you can easily do at home with no to little equipment. This will be a great resource if you do not already know what to do or if you have run out of ideas

Just like with nutrition, this is going to come down to just getting it done. I have a hard time getting myself up and going without have an actual building to go to. I’ve personally never really liked outdoor workouts or body weight exercises, but considering the current situation, it is all that’s available. This will not be a time to set an PRs, but it can be a time to try some new things and find a new way to challenge yourself versus just increasing weights on your bench press, bro. Find anywhere you can go to get yourself in a workout head space and do whatever you can.

Just like with nutrition, staying active and healthy is the best defense we can have against this virus. Even just a walk and getting out in the sunshine will do wonders for your body and can help fight the infection. Just remember, we have to all do our part during this and don’t be the idiot in large groups cause “fitness.” Nothing wrong with grabbing a friend to workout with during this, but don’t think it’s a good idea to have tons of people gather to workout in close proximity


“BUT I CAN’T GO TO THE GYM AND LIFT HEAVY, HOW WILL I STILL BUILD MUSCLE/LOSE BODY FAT?!” Easy, follow the instructions in the beginning of this article. Keep on the diet and workout. It’s that simple. A lot can still be done with just a little, and if you’ve been lifting a certain way for a long period of time, the change to this type of workout could become a stimulus to build or burn more than before.

You may still be wondering what you should do at a time like this after setting a lofty goal, and there are a multitude of options. With my style of lifting being very bodybuilding focused, I’ve personally gotten a lot out of just giving my body rest from intense weights. My joints are slowly but surely feeling better and I’ve been able to give my nagging injuries much more attention that I have previously. All I’ve done since being put in this stay at home state has been walking my dog and spending time with him outside. Take a minute to step back and genuinely assess where you’re at and how you feel and make a decision there on what is most appropriate for you at this time

No matter what your goal was previously, if you have been hammering away at it for a long time, taking this time to switch things up and allow your body to get out of it’s comfort zone can actually spur more progress forward in the long run. For example, if you’ve been leaning down for a show, a vacation, a wedding, etc. and now that has been put on hold, increase the food a little and let your body relax from the starvation mode you’ve put it in. Keep yourself active and don’t go crazy with the quarantine snacking and you can keep your body still relatively lean, then when you can finally get back to a normal routine, switch back into that deficit and see how rapidly your body can change back into that mode. You may even find it easier to get the fat loss going again if done properly

Final Thoughts

We’re experiencing history right now. Not exactly a history story we want to be involved in, but we have no choice. This thing will only end if each of us does our part. Listen to your local government and abide by their recommendations. The faster we all adopt this and stop acting like this isn’t that serious, the sooner it can pass and we can get back to our gains.

Stay healthy, stay active but do it 6 feet away from me